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Read Most Sensational & Shocking Stories of Bollywood and Hollywood

Read Most Sensational & Shocking Stories of Bollywood and Hollywood
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Oscar Winner Hollywood Actress Natalie Portman has given a steamy reaction to sex scandal in a recent interview. She did many horrific disclosures on the sex scandal and sexual harassment happening in the Hollywood industry with actresses. Natalie also revealed an incident that happened with her.

She said that a Hollywood producer had offered her to travel in his private jet plane. At that point I had no reason to deny him. But when I went in his jet plane, I realized that there was only him, I and a big bed in Jet Plane and a suffocating environment. She said that it was too late to get out from there.

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At the time, she said, “I was thinking that why I was not asked to travel in the plane filled with passengers? On that day, the fortune of Natalia was in her favour and nothing wrong happened with her. Nathalia said that when the producer asked me about it, I refused.

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In 2010, she won Best Actress Oscar Award for the film ‘Black Swan’. Natalia said, ‘I was not looking very seriously about this incident. But after some time, I realized that I too became victims of sexual harrassment. This remark is very distressing. And happening everyday in the industry.

Adah Sharma Was Asked For A Kiss By Fan, This Is What Happened Next 

Recently, in a media event, Sharma had to face a difficult situation due to the rude behavior of a fan. Adah expressed her anger over this incident on social media.

Recently an event was organised. Event went on nicely. But after the end of the event, Adah was leaving, and a fan asked her to kiss him on cheek. Demand of the fans made her very angry. She controlled her anger there and escaped.

These are the tweets

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But the fan wanted to fulfill his demand. After that he started trolling her with some people. In ‘Commando2’, a series of kisses you have given. Then what is the response to a fan? Upto this level now these trollers have got the courage.

Then the patience of the actress was exhausted. She thrashed the trollers with many tweets at the same time. Here are the tweets.

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