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Pumpkin drinks and holiday cocktail recipes for Thanksgiving, fall and beyond

Pumpkin drinks and holiday cocktail recipes for Thanksgiving, fall and beyond
When the weather outside is frightful, sipping a boozy pumpkin white hot chocolate, like this one inspired by Minimalist Baker, with family or friends is deliciously delightful! If the frigid winter cold has you holed up at home, don’t fret. Simply cozy up with glasses of this Kahlua-kissed pumpkin hot chocolate and enjoy your company.
Thirsting for a holiday cocktail that is lush with your favorite fall flavors? Our hot apple cider with buttered rum, inspired by Real Food By Dad, is the drink for you! Get ready to sip on a festive autumn-inspired libation that will make you want the holiday season to last forever.
Need a drink that tastes like autumn in a glass? Sip on our seasonal apple amaretto sour, inspired by Slim Pickin’s Kitchen, and you’ll have images of colorful fall leaves delightfully dancing in your head.
Yearning for an autumn-inspired drink that makes you giddy with excitement for the fall season? Sip on our vegan spiced apple margarita, inspired by Cookie and Kate, and you’ll want to go pick apples and drink this tongue-tantalizing cocktail all year round.
Thirsty for a fun and festive spin on the usual martini? Our Dublitini, inspired by James & Everett, is an Irish take on the traditional gin and vermouth cocktail. Smacking of sour apple and cranberry juice balanced with the smooth taste of Irish whiskey, this green-hued drink will make you want to dance an Irish jig.
Looking for a luscious cocktail to serve the Thanksgiving crowd while they wait for turkey dinner to be served? This succulent pear sour, inspired by Wolfgang Puck, goes down easy and is reason enough to give thanks for the holiday season.
Need a drink that lets you be the holiday hostess with the mostest without being chained to the wet bar serving up cocktails? Our noel spritzer, inspired by James & Everett, is a fuss-free, festive and fun drink that effortlessly serves a crowd.
When your friends are raving about their morning pumpkin spice lattes, you can tell them about your new favorite evening drink. Our pumpkin fizz cocktail, inspired by A House In The Hills, delivers the festive flavors of fall in an easy, effervescent boozy brew.
Thirsting for a sublime holiday cocktail to serve your family and friends before Christmas dinner? Our amaretto-cranberry kiss, inspired by James & Everett, is a festive holiday drink that will have your thirsty guests sipping and celebrating.

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