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Produce report January 21

Produce report January 21

We explore the week's best buys from the produce department and how to make the most of them in the kitchen.

Fresh this week:

Sweetcorn, courgettes and avocados are in good supply and tasting great. Fruity highlights include cherries, which should be around for a while thanks to the late start to the season, nectarines, peaches, raspberries and beautiful-looking New Zealand blackberries. “Central Otago stonefruit have ripened and will be in New World stores this week, so look for some great pricing particularly on nectarines and apricots” says New World Fresh Expert Brigid Corson.

What to look for:

Sweetcorn is a good source of protein and vitamins A and C. A buying tip from Brigid is to look at the tassels — the more they have, the more kernels there will be on the cob.

Try it in:

Courgettes, sweetcorn and avocado are a great addition to salad or pasta. Chop the courgette and avocado in small dice and combine with sweetcorn kernels, a little onion, lime or lemon juice and salt for a salsa or make a batch of corn and courgette fritters and serve with an avocado cream.

Courgette and walnut spaghetti

Mexican corn salad

Corn and courgette fritters

Moving on:

Asparagus season is over so if you can find some in your local store, take the opportunity to snap them up. It’s a long time until the new season rolls around in October so worth giving it a last hurrah in summer meals. We are also waving goodbye to strawberries and fresh peas.

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