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Photographs You'll Find Too Confusing At First Glance

Photographs You'll Find Too Confusing At First Glance

WTH is happening?


Sneha Chakraborty
Photographs You'll Find Too Confusing At First Glance

Open to interpretation and speculations, some images that you come across leave you baffled with no words to explain what exactly is happening, at first glance.

We have collected some such photographs that bend the rules of observation and boggles even the smartest mind. Check 'em out.  

Someone photographed this ordinary looking girl in a position that contradicts the 'ordinary' 
She might have never thought about this when she decided to wear this costume
Either he went shopping for boots in the ladies section or the brand that created these is way too manly
The company must have spent a lot of budget for their branding 
The restaurant must have ran out of plates or decided to go organic
When landmines are turned into backyard decorations
McDonald's would be really pissed off about this
Just a modification to make the notes (or headshot?!) sounds better 
It's not wood. It cannot be wood. This is just an illusion. Oh shit, it's not!
Can anyone explain this to me?
When an egg eggs another egg, there's no point asking for an explanation  
This person really got all caught up in the minimalistic concept and look what he did
This guy hung his TV set out the window and with no words to explain this I would like to just bang my head on the table
We get it, time is important but not this much!
There must be a very good explanation for practicing such a horrific ritual
I would really like to hypnotize the carpenter and get to know the real reason why he did this
A public toilet where you can relieve yourself and 're-live' the embarrassment forever 
He decided to scrub his iPod with sandpaper and I don't even wanna know WHY
Inhale the cheerios, exhale your self-consciousness and stop worrying about what the world might say
Whatever she is doing, it's really RAD!
Is this even possible because if this is photo-shopped, my editor would kill me
Excellent parking skills like this should be awarded
Even a scientist would find this hard to explain
This unknown guest in the subway must have taken Dr. Strange's help
Is that her neck or back? Jeez, this is confusing!

This picture is of Jord Ash from Chicago. When she first shared her picture in October 2018, it went viral with 86K shares on Facebook. Talking to The Popple, Jord said, after the picture went viral, she was banned from Facebook and her Instagram was taken down. She is now up with a new handle on Instagram @lilg0thspice.

Never thought a woman and dog could combinely make up a grumpy cat face 
These people are not standing at the edge, it's an optical illusion caused by carpet's design
It took me some time to figure this one out 
Wait, what? 
Frost on the windshielf of a car feels like a bird eye view of wintry forest
A fine piece of architecture that is more scary than beautiful

Do you have any such images? Send them to us at thepopple@vatsana.com.

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what thw fu*k don't pose such meaningless things

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some of them are pretty awesome

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Clasic tricks are best

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