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People who eat chicken be careful, read full news

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Hello friends Chicken is eaten in every home in our country, it has many good effects in our body. But excessive consumption is also causes loss. Let you know about them.

People who eat chicken be careful, read full news
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Food poisoning-Bacteria such as salmonella are found in boiler chicken because boiler chicken is kept in a locked room for reproduction,and consuming them will make you food poisoning.

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The threat of bird flu- Whenever you go to the market to buy chicken make sure is their any bird flu at that time. Because at that time the cost of chicken is very low, So that always Keep that in mind.

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Friends, how many times you eat chicken in the week, tell in the comment box.

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Be careful PUBG players 😂😂

4 Months ago


i am announcing Patanjali Chiken

4 Months ago


I work in poultry if i see u again this type of fake news spreading, i would raise complaint about u in National poultry research institute. Even u don't know about the spelling of broiler. how do u know about chicken. can u prove this what r the antibiotics giving to birds which increase weight. do u know what's called antibiotics?

4 Months ago

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