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People slammed Alia for copying Deepika's style

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People slammed Alia for copying Deepika's style
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Alia Bhatt is a famous bollywood actress who has made her place in the hearts of viewers from her first movie. Since then she has been a part of many superhit films. Alia's fan following is not only restricted to India but also in abroad.

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Alia is also known for her tremendous fashion and wherever she goes, she keeps her mark on the people with her fashion and style.

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Alia Bhatt went to attend a function in Calcutta along with her parents. On that occasion, she wore maroon colored suit in which she looked very beautiful. But it seems that people did not like her look too, and they accused Alia of trying to copy Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor.

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How does Alia look in these pictured? Tell us in the comments.

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she's far more better than her am not saying that Deepika is not good or something like that. so plz dont try to make any pointless views

5 Months ago


samosa face deepika sai 1guna nahi 10guna zyada khubsurat bht ziada khubsuraat alia lagrahi hai

3 Months ago


she is very innocent what will happen to you if she wore her dress bloody fools

5 Months ago

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