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People Thought Ice Glaciers Water Is Blood - Later It Turned Out To Be Hot Water

There are many such secrets in the world which have been unresolved for centuries.Antarctica is a continent completely surrounded by snow. The temperature here is always in minus. Although there are many ice glaciers in Antarctica, but there is also a mysterious glacier from which red water comes out.

People Thought Ice Glaciers Water Is Blood - Later It Turned Out To Be Hot Water
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That's why it was called blood falls

Its name is Taylor Glacier. Taylor Glacier is located on the snow-capped surface at West Lake Bonney in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Victoria Land in East Antarctica. This glacier is a very unique glacier. Due to the red colored water, the glacier is also called blood falls by connecting it with blood. It had been a mystery for the last 106 years. However, scientists finally revealed the secret behind the red water coming out of the glacier. 

Credit: Third party image reference

Jessica Bargeleigh, an alumnus of Colorado College in the US, glacier scientist Erin Petit of the University of Alaska and her researchers team together to find the cause of the red water in the glacier. He also used the radio echo sounding radar for this research. He told that this red water is actually falling from a giant pond. Which has been buried under this Taylor Glacier for many years.

Researchers believed that as the water freezes, they release heat. This heat heats the ice from all sides. Due to this process, these chemical reactions are happening. For this reason, red colored water is coming out of the glacier. This research was proved in 2017.

Earlier these reasons were told 

The glacier was discovered by geologist Thomas Griffith Taylor of Australia in 1911. After this, Griffith Taylor started researching it. According to their research, the red color was due to the red colored water which had settled on the upper layer of the glacier. Due to this, the color of the water flowing from the glacier was red. Some people accepted this research as correct. Griffith Taylor was unable to prove his theory of research, causing his theory to fail.

Credit: Third party image reference

 After this, the team of researchers who came in 2003 started the research again about the water of this glacier. According to their research, the reason was told that due to the high amount of iron salt in the water, the color of the water melting from the glacier has turned red. This research was fine some percent but it was not the real reason for it.

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