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Padma Bushan Homi Jehangir Bhabha Father of Indian Nuclear Programme

Who is Homi Bhabha ?

Padma Bushan Homi Jehangir Bhabha Father of Indian Nuclear Programme
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We Need to know How he Contributed His Whole life to the Nation.

1) In The Year 1945 with the Help of J.R.D Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

 who Founded the way to Indian Nuclear Research Programme.

 Vikram Sarabhai,APJ Abdul Kalam,Satish Dhavan,Etc Scientist who Started Space Research successfully taken forward ISRO.


Record Breaking of The ISRO means the main reason is the foundation is vey Strong That Credits goes to Homi Bhabha ,

2)The Great Scientist Maid a Small Mistake that mistake maid Indian to pay Hugh Reputation ,If No ISRO Now making the wonders in space 50 Years Back, like wise

 NASA,Forigen Nuclear Like Institute ,

 “IN Oct 1965 Bhabha had announced over All India Radio That if he got the go-ahead. India had the capability to make a nuclear bomb in 18 Months

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According to experts requesting anonymity, Bhabha was convinced that if India has to become a major for reckon with, It had to launch nuclear programme focusing on his peaceful role in areas like power, agriculture and medicine. but they said he also had a hidden agenda: developing an atomic bomb to defend the country.” This statement maid mistake . Suddenly goes to Eye of America. Before the time Homibhabha is hero To the America turns to villan in overnight “OMG you will make a power generation, Agriculture and medicine Field likewise we thought about your research and we make help to you and we though we also gain. In your mind is that your target is atomic bomb”

3)From Now our Neighbour Country Pakistan 1965 war won the Battle “To make help to Pakistan Me(America ) ,Britain came forward that Soviet Union make support and If Nuclear bomb also came to your weapon list with the help of your soviet union and you will make world shake ”. Suddenly America came to field CIA after “DR.HOMI BHABHA PLANE CRASH AFTER DECLARING INDIA’S NUCLEAR POTENTIAL in air india filght in that put the bomb and blast the plane ”

Truth is like Fire at any time that can come to reality.

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4)when Homi bhabha was in foreign studies he wrote letter to Home like this “

I Seriously say to you that business or job as an engineer is not thing for me it is totally foreign to my nature and radically opposed to my temperament and opinions Physics is my like I know I shall do greate this here for which he is passionately found, in hic he believes, as I do that he as the ability to do it ,that is in fact born and destined to do it… I am burning with a desire to physics.

I will must do it sometime it is my only ambition”

5)In 1933 jan , in Nuclear physics Cambridge University Taken a PHD Degree.

Written By Richard Feynman in response to Bhabha’s Invitation to visit TIFR in 1952 he research the cosmic rays importantly physics make a foundation in physics language electrine and proton comes together this process is called enhaliation Bhabha also found another theory that process is also called bhabha’s scattering experiment

6)Organised research in nuclear science started in India as a consequence of a letter Bhabha wrote to J.R.D. Tata on August 19,1943 Bhabha remarked in that Letter that “the lack of proper conditions and intelligent in india at a pace which the talent in the country would warrant”.

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7)Bhabha got a positive replay from J.R.D Tata “On September 2,1943,Tata wrote encouraging replay to Bhabha. Subsequently, bhabha wrote a formal letter on Mach 12,1944,to Sir Soran Saklatvala. Chairman of the Dorab Tata Trust,in which he propsed with remarkable foresight the setting up nof an institution so that “… when nuclear energy has been successfully applied for power production in, say, a couple of decades from now, India will not have to look abroad for its experts but will find them ready at hand”. Thus was born the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.


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