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PM Modi held Video talk with all State CMs

PM Modi held Video talk with all State CMs

New delhi sources stated that prime ministernarendra modi on thursday held a video conference with all chief ministers to discuss ways to check the spread of coronavirus. Contact tracing of those feared to be exposed to the deadly virus and isolation of those who test positive of the virus are likely to be discussed in the meeting, sources said.

Meanwhile senior government official said the spread of infected people from Tablighi Jamaat has taken the Centre by surprise in last few days and “unsettled things” as until this moment, everything seemed to be under control. “The only way to defeat this is now by massive contact tracing. The PM may urge the CMs to do contact tracing with all gusto and put their full effort behind this,” the official said.

Defence ministerrajnath singh, homeministeramit shah and top bureaucrats were present along with the prime minister. This is for the second time the prime minister is holding a video conference with the chief ministers after the spread of coronavirus, and the first after the 21-day lockdown came into force. This will be the first video-conference between the PM and CMs post the announcement of the lockdown on march 24. At least two senior government officials told ET that their state leadership would expect clarity from the PM on whether the lockdown will continue beyond april 14 A senior government official told ET, that the PM will also review with the CMs the situation of thousands of migrants.

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