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PM Modi ‘sings raag deepak’ and internet trolls will kill coronavirus

The best cartoons of the day, chosen by the editors at ThePrint.

PM Modi ‘sings raag deepak’ and internet trolls will kill coronavirus
Manjul | PatriotTalks

In today’s featured cartoon, Manjul weighs in on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to light candles and Sunday to “defeat the despair” brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Alok Nirantar | Sakal Media Group

Alok Nirantar comments on the spread of fake news and misinformation through WhatsApp after PM Modi’s speech asking Indians to light candles.

Kirtish Bhatt | BBC News Hindi

Kirtish Bhatt weighs in on the incidents of attacks on doctors and health workers in different parts of the country.

Sajith Kumar | Deccan Herald

Sajith Kumar comments on the several unscientific theories that started doing the round of social media after PM asked people to light candles for 9 minutes at 9 pm Sunday.

Satish Acharya | Twitter

Satish Acharya sheds light on the fact that while PM Modi has urged people to light there seems to be no ray of hope for migrant daily wagers as they are out of work due to the nationwide lockdown.

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candles never made a dead come to life or else every rape victim would have come alive everytime we did a candle march on the roads so stop putting your usless questions on this diya event

2 Months ago


Raag Deepak ...wow hope it cures the disease and kills the virus...

2 Months ago

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