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Onion price crosses Rs 200 per Kg

Onion price crosses Rs 200 per Kg

Price of onion shot up to a whopping Rs 200 per kg in Bengaluru due to severe short supply in the market, an official said on Saturday.“Onion price touched Rs 200 per kg in some retail shops of Bengaluru, after its wholesale rate ranged between Rs 5,500 and Rs 14,000 per quintal,” state agricultural marketing officer Siddagangaiah said.

As a result, the most common and staple vegetable was conspicuously missing from the menu in homes and restaurants across this tech hub.According to Siddagangaiah, skyrocketing onion prices and the bulb’s shortage is expected to last until mid-January.

India has an annual onion requirement of 150 lakh metric tonnes, with Karnataka chipping in with onion production of 20.19 lakh metric tonnes. Almost 50 per cent of the onion production gets lost after factoring in crop loss and post-harvest loss, leaving only the balance to arrive in the market.

Heavy rains during the harvest also led to the rotting of a good share of the onion production.

In November, Karnataka markets received 60-70 quintals of onion a day, which fell by 50 per cent in December, leading to the crisis.

Aiming to increase the availability of onion, the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) has issued a circular that onion trade should happen even on holidays.

“There is not much stock left with the wholesalers and retailers. Surprisingly, Karnataka does not have well defined onion storage facilities,” Siddagangaiah said.

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jai kissan

1 Months ago


Very good news for farmers.Earlier in this year farmers were getting price only Rs 1 per kg.in whole sale market.Now God gave them chance.Onion price should continue to increase till Rs 1000 per kg.

1 Months ago

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