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OMG! You Don't Look Married: 6 Comments Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing

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OMG! You Don't Look Married: 6 Comments Indian Women Are Tired Of Hearing
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Right for women is a serious issue mostly in india. Indian women are considered as the most beautiful women in the world but they face an unexpected talk and behavior in their life. So guys today we are going to read up top 6 comments that a normal indian women face in her daily life-

1. Women should have no ambitions except to be a homemaker

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2. You are not a good cooker

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3. Don't wear clothes that can put you in trouble

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Dressing as will is the right of every individual. Then why not women have their own choice.

4. Women are ineligible to drive

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5. What's wrong? Why you still don't you have children

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Going personal on someone is the work of senseless people. People often ask why are you still without children. Everyone has their way life. This question should be avoided.

6. OMG! You look unmarried

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A newly married will never look married. But this often said that you look really attractive and unmarried at this age.

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wow who said those your parents?

8 Days ago


cooker, [NosePick][NosePick][NosePick][NosePick]

7 Days ago


bhai tere biwi aur behan se Tu jo chahe Karwara... car chalane de.... Khana pakA ne de... ladko ke saath phir ne de.... jaise chahe kapde pehenwade... . ya na pehne toh bi ttheek..... uski badle tu maa banja .... sab OK na

7 Days ago

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