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Mother Teresa was a saint or devil

There will hardly be any such a list in the world where Mother Teresa does not have names in kind people. Mother Teresa is known not only in India rather throughout the world as a person who dedicated her life to humanity. Seeing this sentiment, Vatican honored Mother Teresa with Saint title.

Mother Teresa was a saint or devil
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But it is not enough that people around the world consider Mother Teresa to be a saint, Many people also consider Mother Teresa as a devil. And he says that his humanist image is due to the massive media propaganda performed by the Vatican Church. Such people consider Mother Teresa nothing more than a christian missionary.

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These people say that the purpose of Mother Teresa was to change the religion of only and only people. The question arises as to whether Mother Teresa was truly a saint who was serving humanity, Or a devil who was playing a game of change the religion in the guise of humanity.

In my next article I will show everything about mother Teresa, I am continue researching on her and her group or organization. If you like this article then please follow me to get first update about this story. Please do not forget to like, share and comment.

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How dare you say her as devil??? How can you she is like ypur mother she had helped so many poor people Have u drunk today that you are posting such idiotic news

10 Months ago

Ahmed Sfs

us aurat ne gareeb bachcho ko sahara diyaa.. jis ke jism par kapde nahin they usey pehnaya.. tum Kya karte ho sab ko pata hai. being a Muslim i still respect that lady who helped poor without any mindset of colour.. creed.. religion etc etc.. you are just a bullshit author and nothing else[angry]

10 Months ago


mother teresa shelther the orphan,,weak and the poor,,but some fanatic religion shelther cow,,despite lakhs of hungry children right infront of them,,now you judge who is doing good work and for humanity cause

10 Months ago

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