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Modi government announces good news for LPG cylinders

Hello friends, welcome friends in your channel as you know, the Modi government is making new announcements every day. Meanwhile, the Modi government has given a great good news to the people of LPG cylinders.

Friends, as you know, the use of LPG cylinders should be done very carefully if you are negligent in this, it can cause huge damage to you, but the Modi Government will be launching a new gas cylinder in view of many incidents. Is going. By which the public can benefit and the people remain safe.

Modi government announces good news for LPG cylinders
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Modi Government is going to launch the new technology of LPG cylinder, and in which a lot of benefits can be met by the public.

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This new technology's gas cylinder, which reduces the likelihood of its blast, is greatly reduced, and in addition it has given you a new technique. Through which you will be able to see in your gas cylinder how much gas and rest is still in your gas cylinder.

So that you can fill your gas cylinders on time.

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Let the friends know you for information that the possibility of the theft of this gas cylinder will also be reduced to a great extent.

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modi only hacks our life👎👎👎👎👎

7 Months ago


stop traveling world countries think about your country poor people stop wasting tomatoes, gas subsidiary, state bank minimum balance cuts , petrol not GST, increase live savings drugs price , stop increasing domastic product prices

7 Months ago


Modis good news means Bad for our country

7 Months ago

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