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Mix this with toothpaste while brushing, your teeth will become white like milk

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In today's modern times, every man and woman wants to look beautiful. To look beautiful, both men and women want to keep their teeth clean and white and do not feel ashamed to talk to any man or woman when the teeth are white. But if our teeth are not white then we feel ashamed to talk to a man or a woman.

Mix this with toothpaste while brushing, your teeth will become white like milk
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Many people use cigarettes and tobacco, which makes their teeth look dirty and bad. Many men and women are unable to clean their teeth properly, due to which their teeth become yellow. Many people even use expensive toothpaste to make their teeth white. But the truth is that toothpaste can only clean the teeth.

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Today we will tell you one such domestic recipe, with the help of which you can easily make your yellow teeth white like milk. To make the teeth white and beautiful, add a little mustard oil to the toothpaste. In this way, brushing oiled tooth will make your teeth glow like milk. At the same time, your teeth will also become strong and the problem of bleeding from the gums will also go away.

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brush with baking soda.

8 Months ago


this msg is really true & not true? tell me

8 Months ago


Subah k tatti se brush karle teeth dudh se White hoo jayega......

8 Months ago

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