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Melbourne murder victim was ‘killed the Asian way’

A MELBOURNE woman who was found murdered on the floor of her sewing room with a piece of fabric covering her face was “killed the Asian way”, a court has heard.

Melbourne murder victim was ‘killed the Asian way’
Ranny Yun was murdered in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale in 1987. Picture: ABC News

A LOOSE piece of fabric covered Ranny Yun’s face when her lifeless body was found on the sewing room floor of her Melbourne home.

An autopsy later determined that Ms Yun, 27, had been hit on the back of the head and her throat cut, in October 1987.

Thirty years later, in November 2017, Meth Mean was charged with her rape and murder.

In a pre-trial committal hearing on Tuesday, a forensic officer told Melbourne Magistrates Court that semen found on a tracksuit wrapped around Ms Yun’s left ankle allegedly belonged to Mr Mean.

His DNA also allegedly matches the semen found on her genitalia, according to the officer’s statement to police.

According to pathologist Stephen Cordner, injuries found behind Ms Yun’s left ear indicate someone could have tried to cut her ear off.

“I don’t know ... but that sort of thought comes to mind,” Prof Cordner said under cross-examination.

Prof Cordner did not find any defensive injuries, suggesting Ms Yun was incapable of defending herself, possibly because she was impaired. He believes the blows to the back of Ms Yun’s head happened before the injuries to her neck.

Ms Yun’s husband Kuy Thong said his wife told him she was about six weeks pregnant before she was murdered.

“I put a baby doll in Ranny’s coffin when she died,” he said in a statement to police on November 1, 2017.

1987 Melbourne murder victim Ranny Yun. Picture: Channel 7

Ms Yun met her accused murderer in a Malaysian refugee camp after fleeing Cambodia and the brutal Khmer Rouge.

Ms Yun’s younger cousin Rada, who was 13 when she discovered Ms Yun’s body, told police in 2010 her cousin was killed “the Asian way”.

“I used to live in the Khmer Rouge regime, and this is how people were killed,” she told the court, referring to Cambodia’s brutal former regime. “I’ve seen how people got killed and hit from behind.”

The younger cousin, now in her mid-40s, said she came home from high school with another relative on October 15, 1987 and found the front door unlocked. When she walked into Ms Yun’s room, she found her cousin lying on her back on the floor.

Meth Mean from Perth was extradited after being charged with a 30-year-old cold case murder of a Springvale woman. Picture: Jason Edwards

The cousin made three statements to police, including one in 2010 that said: “I believe Ranny was murdered by someone she knew.”

The younger cousin and Ms Yun used to live with Mr Mean and his family. Ms Yun’s husband is Mr Mean’s cousin.

Rada on Tuesday said there was tension and “agitations” when she and Ms Yun lived with the Mean family.

“I just remember that there were agitations between Ranny and Meth, but it was just little family problems.”

The hearing before magistrate Donna Bakos continues.

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