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Man covered in tar’s miraculous survival

Horrifying photos show how a man was left completely covered in tar after he fell into a toxic pit of the asphalt.

Man covered in tar’s miraculous survival

Local authorities have reportedly vowed to clear up the site following the accident. Picture: VKSource:Supplied

A man has miraculously survived falling into a pool of toxic tar in Russia.

He was rescued by passers-by after tripping into a pit of asphalt in an abandoned factory in the western city of Pavlovsk, near Saint Petersburg.

Nurses then painstakingly removed the sticky gloop using razor blades after he was rushed to hospital, MailOnline reports.

Harrowing photos show the victim moments after he’s dragged from a pool of tar in Russia. Picture: VKSource:Supplied

A stunned medic looks on after the man is rushed to hospital in Pavlovsk, western Russia. Picture: VKSource:Supplied

Shocking photos show the 33-year-old victim — who has not been named — writhing in agony as he’s completely caked in the liquid tar.

Later, he is shown on a hospital gurney as a stunned medic looks on.

It reportedly took several hours for the tar to be scraped off every inch of his body.

Medics took several hours to scrape off the tar from every inch of the man’s body. Picture: VKSource:Supplied

The man miraculously survived falling in the pool of tar after being rescued by passers-by. Picture: VKSource:Supplied

Doctors later said that his life was no longer in danger and he had been discharged.

The tar and other chemicals were reportedly left in the abandoned site after the closure of a plant.

Local authorities are now said to be planning to clean up the area following the near-fatal accident.

Originally published in The Sun and republished with permission

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