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Major incidents during the Modi government that have created doubts regarding safety

There had been a series of accidents recently that have led to serious doubts regarding the basic safety of citizens. The number of train accidents, the 2017 Mumbai stampede and recent Andheri Bridge collapse have created fear among the masses. And rightly so, the fear is genuine.

Yes, such incidents are reported in other countries too but one look at the stats reveal the vast difference in the number of casualties reported during accidents at foreign lands and accidents in India.

Below is a list of major accidents that took place during the last four years:

  1. Kolkata bridge collapse

Construction collapses are common in India, where regulations aren't strictly enforced and builders often use substandard materials. One such collapse happened in Kolkata on 31 March, 2016. The Vivekanand Flyover bridge collapsed during construction and killed 27 people and injured more than 80. It was reported that hasty construction could have led to the collapse.

Major incidents during the Modi government that have created doubts regarding safety
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2. Savitri river bridge

The Savitri river bridge in Maharashtra partially collapsed on 2 August, 2016. It was over 100 years old and in a dilapidated Condition. In the middle of night,the bridge collapse. Many vehicles plunged into the river. Nearby Garage worker heard the noise and went to the bridge to stop cars preventing further casualties. 28 people died in this bridge collapse.

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3. Patna-Indore Express train accident

Over 115 passengers were killed and more than 200 were injured in the worst train accident in recent years when 14 coaches of the Indore-Patna Express derailed in Kanpur rural area due to suspected rail fracture. This incident took place on 20 November, 2016.

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4. Utkal Express derailment

The Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express derailed in Khatauli in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district on 19 August, 2017, killing 21 and injuring over 70 people. Two of the coaches crashed into a residential area, hitting a house and a school building. The Railways announced a compensation of 3.5 lakh for the family of those killed, 50,000 for those seriously injured and 25,000 for people with minor injuries.

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5. Andheri Bridge collapse

A section of a bridge caved in at Andheri station in Mumbai on 2 July, 2018 following incessant rain, leaving five people injured, with two said to be in critical condition. No casualties have been reported from the collapse. The Gokhale bridge on SV Road connects Andheri East and Andheri West stations and is used by thousands of commuters each day. The bridge crash damaged a portion of the platform roof, blocked railway lines and damaged high-tension electric wires and overhead power equipment.

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bjp is not responsible , people who died are anti national . they want to defame modi. bhakts thinking.

5 Days ago


congresss time pe banaya bjp time pe collpase huwa . name congress ka badnam bjp ka

5 Days ago


Its not about BJP or congress .. Its a shame in decades after independence we are still thriving for a committed government with leaders passionate about development

9 Days ago

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