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Life Lessons that we all can learn from the Mahabharata

Life Lessons that we all can learn from the Mahabharata

Life Lessons that we all can learn from the Mahabharata

New Delhi: Centuries later, the epic narrative of Mahabharata still teaches us a lot of life- saving lessons. The deep philosophical ideas will never fail to teach us about the art of living. So, here are important lessons from Mahabharata.

1. Stand by what’s right; even fight for it if needed.

Arjuna was initially hesitant to start the war against his own brothers and kin. But Krishna reminded him that he has to stand by Dharma (duty), even if it needs to going against his own family.

2. The eternal bond of friendship

Though Duryodhan and Karna were on the wrong side with all the bad deeds done, their friendship is something that you can look up to. It is perhaps because of the unconditional support by Karna towards Duryodhan to every decision that he takes.

The friendship between Krishna and Arjuna is remarkable.

3. Half Knowledge can be dangerous

Aruna’s son Abhimanyu teaches us how half knowledge can be dangerous. Abhimanyu knew how to enter the Chkaravyuh from the time he was in the womb of her mother, Subhadra. However, he did not knew the way out which resulted in his demise.

4. Believe in hard work more than fate

Who can be a better example for this than Karana? He was brought up by a Suta which made him a suta-putra who were not allowed to be warriors but he outshined through all the obstacles and rose into one of the greatest warrior that we can see in Mahabharata.

5. Being a woman does not make you a lesser individual

Yes, Draupadi married five husbands due to some circumstances but this doesn’t mean she deserves any less respect. She was humiliated by the Kauravas but she was bold enough to take a stand. She ensured she got justice by vowing to wash her hair with the blood of Dushanana.

6. Choose Quality over Quantity

Duryodhan and Arjuna had a choice to choose between the Narayani sena and Krishna himself. Arjuna without any second thought chose Krishna on his side and Duryodhan picked the Narayani Sena.

7. Think before you speak

Shishupal insulted Krishna, Draupadi, Pandavas with the motive to spoil the ceremony of Rajasuya yagya organized by Pandavas for their new state Indraprastha. As Krishna watches Shishupal completing his 100 mistakes and later killed him with his Sudarshan Chakra.

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