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Leslie Ash 2018: From then to now, how has Men Behaving Badly star changed over the years?

LESLIE ASH is an English actress who is best known for TV roles including C.A.T.S. Eyes and Men Behaving Badly. Her style and appearance has no doubt changed over the years, but what does the 58-year-old look like now, in 2018?

Leslie Ash rose to fame after landing a number of appearance on the small screen - with her first being at the age of four, during an advertisement for the washing-up product Fairy Liquid. The actor, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, went on to star in shows including C.A.T.S Eyes, Holby City, and Where the Heart Is. Now 58, Leslie is mother to to children, and has made fewer public appearances in recent years. The Men Behaving Badly star doesn’t appear to have a public Instagram account, with one of her most recent public outings being back in 2017.

So what is Leslie Ash’s style and appearance like these days, and how has it changed over the years?

Throwback pictures of the actress show her looking very different - and that should come as no surprise, given they were taken in the 1970s.

In one snap of the actress, believed to have been taken in January 1978, a younger-looking Leslie can be seen sitting on a deck chair on the beach in Brighton.

The photo shows her parting her mouth as she gazes at the camera.

Meanwhile, a gust of wind means her hair billows to one side.

In the unearthed black-and-white capture, the star is sporting a dark coat on top of her lighter-toned dress.

It came shortly after she landed her first major film role in Quadrophenia - a 1979 drama film based on The Who’s 1973 rock opera.

Leslie Ash 2018: From then to now, how has Men Behaving Badly star changed over the years?
Leslie Ash 2018: The actress has spoken out about getting her lips done in 2002 (Image: GETTY • BBC • CHANNEL 5)

Leslie Ash 2018: The Men Behaving Badly star was also pictured in 2016 (Image: GETTY)

Leslie went on to build her seriously impressive acting career - as well as releasing the single Tell Him with her Men Behaving Badly co-star Caroline Quentin, which reached number 25 in the UK Singles chart in 1996.

As well as her evolving style, Leslie also discussed the cosmetic surgery she has had in the past.

In May 2008, Leslie starred in a documentary about the unregulated cosmetic beauty industry, which aired under the title Leslie Ash: Face to Face later that year.

It came after the star suffered extreme swelling of her lips, during a second procedure of collagen injections.

She had her first collagen injection while in her thirties, the Evening Standard reported.

And, two years later, at the age of 40 in 2002, Leslie decided to have lip implant surgery for a second time.

However, the liquid silicone which was injected this time around, she unfortunately suffered the extreme swelling.

Leslie Ash 2018: The Men Behaving Badly star spoke openly about the extreme swelling of her lips (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Leslie Ash 2018: The star was pictured with her husband and Tamzin Outhwaite in 2017 (Image: GETTY)

Back in 2015, Leslie spoke about the aftermath, during an episode of the ITV show This Morning, and said: “You feel like hiding yourself away and never coming out.

“When it’s gone badly there’s this shame. I know because I went through it.”

Recalling what had happened, Leslie insisted she had not researched the second procedure properly, adding: “I thought it was a dermal filler that my body would just break down.

“But unbeknownst to me they used an industrial filler which got mixed up with my muscle.

“Those are the complications that can happen.”

In what is thought to be the most recent pictures of Leslie, in 2017, she looks very elegant in a monochrome checked smock and trousers, while at a fashion show during London Fashion Week.

She posed at the event with her husband Lee Chapman, 58, who she married back in 1988, and EastEnders actress Tamzin Outhwaite, 48.

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