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Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi runs away

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi runs away

MUMBAI: The episode begins with the pandit asking both of them to sit after the pheras are complete. Sarla is happy as the sindoor ceremony will begin. Preeta thinks about Karan and Karan thinks about Preeta not being aware that he is the one in the veil. Pandit asks Karan to tie the Mangal sutra on Preeta. Prithvi wakes up frees himself. He tries to open the door however it's locked. He thinks of not allowing Karan to marry Preeta. Janki wakes and frees herself. She opens to door and is shocked to see Prithvi and he's shocked to see her. She thinks that Karan is at the Mandap. Prithvi says he will try everything to stop Karan from marrying Preeta. Janki pushes him and tries to strangulate him.

Pandit concludes and wedding and ask the couple to take elders' blessings. Srishti gets angry and leaves. Preeta hugs Sarla and she blesses them. Sarla asks him to show his face as the wedding is over. Srishti is walking when she hears some fighting sound and opens the door. Prithvi runs away. She tries to stop him and tell him that the wedding is over and it was Karan in the Mandap. Janki starts to dance. Srishti asks Janki if she knew it from the start. Prithvi reaches the wedding hall and asks Preeta to stop. Everyone is confused to see him there and wonder who is under the veil. Prithvi is about to take off the veil when Karan stops him and takes off the veil himself. Srishti and Sameer are happy seeing Karan.

Rakhi is with Mahesh when Dadi comes there. She tells Rakhi that she came to see her son. She says that she needs him as he is the only one who can take care of the family. Prithvi's mother wants to know how Karan got married to Preeta when Prithvi was under the veil. Prithvi refuses to accept the marriage and accuses Karan to have married Preeta to take revenge. Prithvi says he will marry Preeta in the same Mandap and tells Preeta not to be worried and to come with him. He unties the knot and asks for the rituals to start again. Preeta looks at Karan who is very angry.

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