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Karnataka traffic cop marks 10th wedding anniversary by planting saplings

Karnataka traffic cop marks 10th wedding anniversary by planting saplings

DHARWAD: Keeping up with the trend of making meaningful contributions to the society to mark special occasions, a city-based traffic cop has planted as many as 20 saplings in his street on his 10th wedding anniversary. Inspector Murgesh Channannanavar distributed around 100 saplings to his neighbours. His entire family took part in the initiative and committed themselves towards nature.

Four varieties of saplings were planted at Shivagiri second cross on June 18.

All the plants are secured with tree guards to avoid harm from the stray cattle.

This noble act by Channannanavar has earned him appreciation from environmental activists.

Speaking to Express, he said that he used to be invited for many functions where the inauguration would be done by planting saplings. Apart from this, he used to urge people to grow more trees to increase the green cover, which is depleting rapidly for one or the reason.

"Instead of waiting for someone to do something for society, it is better to show others the way by doing on our own. My anniversary has become an occasion to start a new tradition," he said.

"All these years we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries in old age homes and special schools to share our joy. But it is for the first time, I thought of planting saplings and have decided to continue it for the years to come," he said.

"Around 15 years back, during my student days, the city used to record a maximum temperature of 33 degree Celsius. But now it has crossed 40 degree Celsius. It's our responsibility to restore the earlier climatic conditions for posterity," he said.

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