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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Sonakshi blushes and feels flattered hearing Rohit’s compliments

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Sonakshi blushes and feels flattered hearing Rohit’s compliments

MUMBAI: The episode begins with Sonakshi’s gift arriving and Pulkit keeping it on the kitchen counter. Muniya comes home after shopping. Pulkit takes his stuff from her bag and places a box of waxing strips next to the phone Sonakshi ordered. Sonakshi is in a hurry to get ready so she asks Muniya to gift wrap the box on the kitchen table. Muniya accidentally gift wraps the waxing strips instead of the phone and wonders why Sonakshi would gift someone waxing strips. Sonakshi takes the gift with her and praises Muniya for wrapping it so beautifully.

On the set, Sonakshi is nervous about how she should do her hair for the dinner date. A co-worker helps her tie her hair up. She meets Rohit who was waiting outside and compliments him on how handsome he was looking. Rohit and Sonakshi leave for dinner. At the Sippy’s house, Nishi’s painting arrives. Meanwhile, Rohit brags about his youthful college days to Sonakshi. Suddenly he gets mellow as Raima’s name comes up. He changes the topic and asks Sonakshi how her day was. He asks Ravi to play Sonakshi’s favourite song. Sonakshi is really flattered. He tells Sonakshi that he wants to go to dinner with her and not Parvati. He distracts her and opens her hair and asks her to keep it open as it looks more beautiful on her. Sonakshi blushes and feels flattered. Later, Pooja goes to Nishi’s room to get money to pay the balance and while looking for the money she accidentally drops some files from their wardrobe. Someone picks up the files and leaves when Pooja gets busy looking for the money in the drawer. YK realizes that Pooja might find the adoption files in their wardrobe so he rushes upstairs to stop her before she sees anything. He sees that Pooja is normal and sends her downstairs with the money. He also looks around for the files but couldn’t find them.

At dinner, Sonakshi tells Rohit that Japanese food is her favourite. Rohit then tells her about his business proposal and asks Sonakshi what fees she would charge for visiting the hospital every month. She agrees to visit the hospital if Rohit and she have dinner every time she comes to the hospital. After a while, a woman named Pallavi drops down unconscious. Rohit and Sonakshi rush to her help. Rohit calls an ambulance while Sonakshi performs CPR on the woman. At the hospital, Rohit gets really tensed about the patient. Sonakshi sees him worried and approaches him. He immediately hugs her and tells her that he cannot afford to lose another patient again. Meanwhile, it was Akash who had picked up Pooja’s adoption files. He realizes that YK and Nishi know the name of Pooja’s biological parents. Later, Sonakshi wonders about what Rohit said and realizes that something like this has happened to him in the past too. Rohit calls her in his cabin again and apologizes as they couldn’t finish their dinner. Sonakshi decides to give him the gift while leaving and asks him to say thank you only after he has opened it.

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