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KAMYA PUNJABI'S BIGG BOSS 11 CONTROVERSY: Don't You Dare Talk S**t About My Daughter! Else, I Will...

KAMYA PUNJABI'S BIGG BOSS 11 CONTROVERSY: Don't You Dare Talk S**t About My Daughter! Else, I Will...

Vikas Gupta's ardent supporter (SEE VIDEO & HER WHATSAPP DP BELOW), Kamya Punjabi, is furious. In their overdrive of rooting for Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan as Bigg Boss 11's winner, certain twitteratis have crossed the line. Shamelessly.

Hina Khan & Shilpa Shinde

Kamya's single parenting and hence daughter Aara, has been spoken about by them--- and certain comments were extremely undesirable.

Says Kamya, "I really don't want to talk about those comments because they were downright disgusting. I have earned my name and respect, the hard way. Yeh log mujhe choo bhi nahin sakte. But if they drag my motherhood and hence my daughter, I will not keep quiet.

Kamya's WhatsApp DP

I will hit back hard. I am not an abla naari. Main koi bechari nahin hoon jo main chup baithungi.

Kamya Punjabi With Daughter Aara

I will hunt down such dirty twitteratis and beat them up. I will not be quiet," her voice now rising in anger.

Vikas Gupta & Kamya Punjabi

Adds Kamya, "Yeh woh log hain jo har saal ek doh mahino ke liye paida hote hain aur phir mar jaate hain. Na inka koi naam hai, na koi chehra. Last year, they were painting social media red with Bani J's picture on their accounts, this time they have Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan's picture pasted at the same spots.

Shilpa Shinde & Kamya Punjabi

Kamya's first choice for Bigg Boss 11 winner still remains Vikas Gupta. "I hope my friend Vikas wins. However it's gonna be a close fight between Vikas, Hina and Shilpa. Actually, it's anybody's game when it comes to the final four. Don't underestimate Puneesh too, he is the aam aadmi," Kamya signs off.

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Karmin Kapoor

hina khan u are the worst like a poisonness snake in all these 11years of Big Boss

10 Months ago


We don't want to vote anyone they all are hypocrites

10 Months ago

Gulafsa Parween

Vote for Hina plzzzzzz.....

10 Months ago

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