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Jio and Airtel do big bang again, change the price of 84-day plan, know immediately

Last year, all the companies including Reliance Jio have increased their plans. Before that, Jio stopped the free calling service and started charging IUC charges for other networks. After some time, Jio and Airtel have relaunched their tariff plans by making them expensive. After which the customers have to face a lot of trouble.

Jio and Airtel do big bang again, change the price of 84-day plan, know immediately
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Airtel and Reliance Jio have made changes in their plans for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and year. However, note that Jio's new plans are cheaper than others. You can see the difference between the plans of Jio and Airtel in the picture given below.

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Talk about the 84-day plan of Jio, then for this, you will have to pay Rs 555 in Jio. At the same time, customers will now have to pay Rs 598 for the 84-day plan in Airtel. Both the companies are being given 1.5 GB of data per day and unlimited voice calling in 84 days plan.

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bullshit jio and airtel

1 Months ago


jio is become more expansive than Airtel. when we are calling to other network we have to pay extra ,not everybody are jio customer hence we have to recharge extra for other network. this is jio's monopoly to to port other network into jio . this time i will port jio into Airtel i can't recharge extra for other network.

1 Months ago


Airtel is giving free talk time to all phones. but jio is allowing jio to jio only. for others they are giving some minute's. then how jio is cheaper

1 Months ago

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