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Jawa Accessories Riding Gear Coming To Dealerships Soon

  • The costliest accessory is the chrome engine crash guard, priced at Rs 1599.
  • Prices for the riding gear go up to Rs 7,499 for the mesh jacket.
  • Riding jacket is co-developed with Rynox Gears.
  • The list is not comprehensive and includes only basic accessories and riding gear.
Jawa Accessories Riding Gear Coming To Dealerships Soon

To complement its products, Jawa Motorcycles has launched its own portfolio of accessories and riding gear for its budding community of riders. Admittedly, it is not very comprehensive, as Jawa is offering basic crash protection and luggage mounting solutions to begin with. Even in terms of riding gear, there is only a mesh jacket, a pair of leather gloves, an open face helmet with two colour options and four tees.

When it comes to crash protection, Jawa is offering a single engine crash guard which comes in either a chrome finish or matte black. Then there are several items for the pillion, most of them being grab handles of sorts. One of them bears a back-rest, while the other can double up as a luggage rack. There are short and round bar-end mirrors on offer too, which look the part on the Jawa 42.

Jawa has kept the list of riding gear limited as the company has co-developed a mesh jacket with Indian riding gear manufacturer, Rynox. This is a pretty basic mesh jacket, primarily suited for the urban jungle. It gets CE Level 1 armour for the elbow and shoulder area, which is adequate. Jawa is calling its new leather gloves, Gritty Gauntlet, but we are not sure whether the gloves are of the gauntlet variety or not. Lastly, the two open-face helmets are the same ones we have seen at all important Jawa events. They look classy and are claimed to come with a visor too. But we are not sure whether it is a bubble visor or a standard clip-on one.

Here are the prices of all items that will be available at Jawa dealerships soon:




Standard Grab rail

Rs 399

Luggage Rack

Rs 599

The Guardian Halo (Grabrail)

Rs 749

Matte Seat Spoiler

Rs 999


Rs 999

Bar End Mirriors

Rs 1,499

Crash Guard Matte

Rs 1,499

Crash Guard Chrome

Rs 1,599

Riding Gear



Season 1 T-Shirt

Rs 899

Corona Helmet with Visor

Rs 2,349

Halo Helmet with Visor

Rs 2,349

Gritty Gauntlet Gloves

Rs 2,499

Urban Enduro Stealth Jacket

Rs 7,499

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