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James Bulger movie release date, plot and how to watch: Is Detainment coming out in UK?

DETAINMENT tells the heartwrenching story of the murder of James Bulger from a whole new perspective. Here's all you need to know about the upcoming movie.

The tragic story of James Bulger is one writ into the collective consciousness of Britain. But with Detainment, director Vincent Lambe has sought to add a new point of view to the story. His short-movie, which is nominated for an Oscar, has since received significant backlash for its efforts...

Can you watch Detainment in the UK?

As of yet, there are no plans to screen Detainment in the UK.

Detainment played at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France in the first week of February 2018.

So far there are no other dates for screenings available.

To find out if there will be any, you can check out the official website for the film.

James Bulger movie release date, plot and how to watch: Is Detainment coming out in UK?
Detainment: The movie is not scheduled for any release in the UK as of yet (Image: VL)

What is the plot of Detainment?

Detainment is based on the true story of James Bulger, a two-year-old boy who was abducted in Merseyside, England in the early ’90s and found brutally murdered two days later.

But the most shocking aspect of the case was that the main suspects were just children themselves - two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Based on their interview transcripts, the film dramatises the police interviews which took place at the time.

The movie runs 30 minutes long and has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Detainment: The movie is a dramatic retelling of interview transcripts (Image: VL)

Who is in Detainment?

There are only a handful of actors, including two boys to portray the infamous Venables and Thompson.

Ely Solan and Leon Hughes play the guilty boys respectively.

The two have gained critical acclaim for their astonishing performances.

Detainment also stars Will O’Connell (Game of Thrones), David Ryan (Vikings), Tara Breathnach (The Tudors), Morgan C Jones (Legend of Cambria), Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones), and Kathy Monahan (Vikings).

Detainment: The movie has been subject to a lot of backlash from the Bulger family and the public (Image: VL)

Is there a trailer for Detainment?

Yes, and you can watch it right here at Express.co.uk.

In response to the backlash, director Vincent Lambe released the following statement:

"The film is in no way sympathetic to the killers and does not attempt to make excuses for their horrendous actions.

"The only way to prevent something similar happening in the future is if we understand the cause of it.

"Representing the boys as human beings is a true reflection of what happened at the time, during the events depicted in the film, and must remain a legitimate subject for discussion in a grown-up society that wants to prevent crime and understand how trauma and troubled childhoods can lead to serious crimes being committed by children, young people and adults."

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