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Interesting facts about Christ the Redeemer

With open arms on the Corcovado Mountain, this masterpiece attraction of the world is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which keeps looking at the scenery of this magnificent city.

It took about 9 years from 1922-1931 to build this magnificent statue

In 1850, Pedro Maria Boss, a local priest, presented this idea in front of the finance department. However, this idea was rejected; As the idea behind its creation was found to be less possible.

Interesting facts about Christ the Redeemer
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After Cristo de la Concordia of Poland's Christ the King and Bolivia, it is the third highest statue of Jesus in the world.

The idol was made with the purpose that Christ loves everyone and spreads Christianity.

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To create highly resistant images, a special type of rock was used. The stone was imported exclusively from Sweden, and therefore, with the mixture of concrete and soap stone, this surprise was created.

It was sketched by a French sculptor Paul Landowski.

It was a very expensive enterprise and thus spent $ 250,000, which is equivalent to today's 3.2 million dollars.

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As it was made using solid stones, its weight is approximately 635 tons.

In 2008, a catastrophic lyting damaged the head of the image, eyebrows and fingers. On January 16, 2014, electricity again damaged the finger of the statue.

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Due to being the most attracting tourist destination, first people used to reach Christ the Redeemer on the road or by foot, but in 2003, escalators and elevators were introduced to facilitate the viewers.

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In May 2014, a trip to Lee Thompson, a blogger, did a brave job climbing up to take a selfie with Christ the Redder

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a statue build by Christian in the name of God n bow infront of it

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