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Indira Canteen: What's on the menu for Rahul Gandhi's ambitious project

Here are a few things to know about Karnataka Congress government's Indira Canteen that was inaugurated today in Bengaluru.

Indira Canteen: What's on the menu for Rahul Gandhi's ambitious project
Indira Canteen. Source: @ashokgehlot51/Twitter

Fashioned in the mold of Jayalalithaa's Amma Canteen, the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in Karnataka launched the Indira Canteen in Bengaluru today. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi flew down to Karnataka for the second time this month to inaugurate the ambitious project.

"Millions of people here [in Bengaluru] are construction workers, auto rickshaw drivers and barbers who do not have enough money. The Indira Canteens will serve these people," said Gandhi while one of the canteens in Jayanagar.

Rahul Gandhi taking a meal at Indira Canteen. Source: @SaurabhRai_INC/ Twitter

As the Indira Canteens open up across Bengaluru to provide meals at affordable rates to poor people, here are a few things you should know about them:

1. Congress is pushing the Indira Canteen to people with the slogan, Hunger Mukht Bengaluru.

Indira Canteen. Source: @ashokgehlot51/Twitter

2. Reports say the Karnataka government allotted Rs 100 crore for the Indira Canteen project.

3. There are expected to be some 100 outlets of Indira Canteens across Bengaluru.

Menu on the app of Indira Canteen. Source: @shaikhismail82/Twitter

4. With poor people as their target audience, food will be served at a very low rate here, with breakfast at the rate of Rs 5, lunch for Rs 10 and dinner for Rs 10.

5. The canteens will serve local Karnataka cuisine, and stick to a routine menu for each day of the week. The menu looks something like this:

Indira Canteen poster. Source: @CMofKarnataka/Twitter

6. The Karnataka government attracted negative reviews earlier when news came out that Bengaluru civic authorities were bulldozing the wall of a 300-year-old temple in Chamrajpet to make room for an Indira Canteen.

7. CM Siddaramaiah quickly came to defense, announcing on Twitter that he has "instructed" the BBMP commissioner to not build any Indira Canteen on parks and playgrounds. Nonetheless, he added that "the poor also have a right over open spaces,".

8. Rahul Gandhi, whose one job today was to promote the Indira Canteen and, in turn, the Congress party, ended up erring...again.

During his speech at the inauguration, Gandhi mistakenly ended a self-promoting line taking 'Amma' Canteen's name instead of Indira Canteen. While it is human to err, social media is not where Alexander Pope's ideology flourishes, which is why he soon became a target of troll...again!

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