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Important notice for those who have Rs 10 coins, click to know

Important notice for those who have Rs 10 coins, click to know
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In the earlier period, there were notes of Rs 10 available in the market, but the Reserve Bank changed into coins of Rs 10 to get rid of problems like tearing or getting destroyed due to water. However, we are hearing various things about it for several months. People are complaining that the shopkeepers or buses are refusing to take coins of Rs 10 or else they are avoiding a lot while taking it.

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In this case, an important notice is released by the Reserve Bank of India for the people who have Rs 10 coins or Re 1 coins. In the notice, the bank clearly said that the people who are not giving any value to the coins of Re 1 and Rs 10 might have to face some legal actions. Let me inform you that there are many places in the country where shopkeepers and others are not accepting the coins of Rs 10 and Re 1.

Because of this, people have to face a lot of problems. We would like to inform you that all the types of coins issued by the Reserve Bank are completely valid. However, in many places, these coins are not being accepted. According to the information, any kind of coins is not being used in Delhi NCR. Apart from this, Rs 10 coins in Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur are not being accepted.

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Instructions issued by Reserve Bank

To get rid of this problem, the Reserve Bank has issued instructions saying that all the coins, that are issued under the rules of the Reserve Bank, are completely legal. If a person, shopkeeper or any other refuse to take them, then immediately inform the police, because rejecting Indian currency is a crime. For which there is a provision of punishment.

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banks are also not taking coins please take some action on it also

5 Months ago


Government should inform throughout country and advertise in local news paper

5 Months ago


The RBI should say loud n clear!The bank authorities must go shop to shop n educate the shop keepers,and a notice should be pasted the establishments!beside the RBI should mint new Ten rs. coins!90pc. small time traders are illiterates,

5 Months ago

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