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Important Orders for private schools , Click here to know the details

Important Orders for private schools , Click here to know the details

At this time, the entire world has been caught by the coronavirus. The whole world is troubled by this epidemic disease and thousands of people have died due to Coronavirus. There is currently a 21-day lockdown in the country to reduce and treat this problem. The lockdown will end on 14 April 2020. This lockdown has negatively impacted our economy because of which the common people have a shortage of money and they are not able to buy their daily items.
In such a situation, many private schools are pushing parents to pay fees and parents are harassing them. In view of this problem, the Haryana government has yesterday decided not to insist on depositing fees on school parents in lockdown.

If anyone does not obey this order, strict action will be taken against that school After Haryana, District Magistrate Suhas LY of Gautam Buddh Nagar ordered an order on Saturday that no educational institution in Noida and Greater Noida obliged parents of any student to attend online classes and for fees.   In such a case, if any of this order is violated, then legal action can lead to jail or heavy fines, etc. for one year.

Stay tuned with all other relevant details, Till then

“Stay Home Stay Safe”   

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government looked only for the goods of daily wages earners what about private teacher they also earn below 15k at this time where private school don't get a chance to collect school fees many teachers will not get salary so I request the govt also to think about the private school teacher also

2 Months ago


who is going to pay teachers salary and their families?????bullshit

2 Months ago


Government should take responsibility of teachers salary

2 Months ago

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