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Images of Some Things that Are Not Always What They Seem

In our westernized societies, sometimes there is no time for reflection or meditation. We are in the lead in our jobs and our short-term concerns that we don't stop to think about how we are and how we feel. This non-self-evaluation makes us sometimes feel empty and without any clear objective in life. Then, anxieties, depressions and other disorders that make us stop and think appear. So, in order to have good mental hygiene, we need to stop from time to time and restructure our goals and motivations in our lives. Take the control. 

Today we bring you a repertoire of images from the hands of people who do look at everything that surrounds them and knows how to enjoy every stimulus that comes from their faces. These people have captured for us those little details that we, the ones who are headed for life, would have gone unnoticed. 

1. The new flavor of the Skittles

Images of Some Things that Are Not Always What They Seem
via google images

This pack full of colored Skittles, only refers to 5 colors of 5 different flavors but, as you can see, there is also the color blue ... what kind of crazy mystery is this?

2. The grated soap

via google images

This soap from the showers of a random gym serves its customers with grated soap bars as is done with cheese. We assume that it is more important to have the grantees on duty grating soap, but, we do not understand the logic.

3. Alien gloves?

via google images

No, these gloves are nothing paranormal, in fact, the pressure seen on the fingers of the gloves is made because of a hyper transparent glass. We would like our glass in our homes to be just as bright. 

4. The baguette pen

via google images

This pro pen is shaped like a baguette. We have evidence of two people since they have tried to eat it with a bite, so ... Be careful.

5. Drawing or royal house?

via google images

Well, we still don't have it too clear.

6. Your mother's worst enemy

via google images

If you like to provoke your mother and make her rage, you have to buy this cup of coffee with liquid spreading. 

7. The devil's shirt

via google images

It really catches us to see how a shirt has no buttons. But yes, it has them on the back of the fabric. Wonderful…

8. Appearances always deceive

via google images

Although it looks like a conventional street somewhere remote from the US, it is actually a corner of a grandparents residence. It has a cinema, a candy store and much more. Who wouldn't want to retire here?

9. The worst password ever

via google images

This is undoubtedly one of the worst passwords ever seen. The thieves already have a much higher cache, now they expect much more from us. We have to live up to your expectations.

10. Will they end up meeting?

via google images

We hope so ...

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last one is "Your name" movie and it's awesome 😍

2 Months ago


your name is anime man Nd I lovee anime

2 Months ago

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