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If you vomit during the journey then adopt these 3 remedies, you will never vomit again

Every person has of mourning for going out. But often the vomiting, nervousness, dizziness, and sadness during the journey spoil the fun of traveling. Nervousness or vomiting when sitting in a car or bus is called a motion sickness.

If you vomit during the journey then adopt these 3 remedies, you will never vomit again
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Some people start having a long journey in the car or bus, causing problems of vomiting or swirling. Such people are fine though, but whenever they sit on a bus or car to go somewhere, they start to miscarry and they start vomiting.

If there is a problem of vomiting in the journey, you should not read while traveling and also should not travel by turning it backward.

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Take one teaspoon of ginger juice in the juice of 1 teaspoon onion half an hour before going on a trip to avoid vomiting during traveling. This will not cause vomiting during your journey. But if the journey is long, then you should keep the ginger juice together.

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another way to be away from vomiting during traveling is to keep- 

Fry cloves and grind it and keep it in a box. Whenever there is a feel like vomiting during traveling, take it only with a pinch of sugar or black salt and eat it. it will help you to be away from vomiting on a trip or a journey.

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take few drop of petrol you will never vomit

8 Months ago


take avomin tablet one

8 Months ago


drink some cyanide you will never have vomiting problems or any problems belonging to this world

8 Months ago

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