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If you Have Account in SBI Do this work, or you will not be able to withdraw your money

If your account is in State Bank of India and you are a pensioner, then you have the necessary news. In fact, the bank has issued a notice to all its pensionable customers by tweeting a tweet. This tweet of SBI says that if you raise the pension and your account is in SBI then before 30th November, submit your Life Certificate to the bank. If you can not do this then your account can be blocked. In addition to tweets, banks are also sending SMS along with this to the customers.

If you Have Account in SBI Do this work, or you will not be able to withdraw your money
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Therefore, it is necessary to submit certificates

Let us tell you that all the pensioners of the country have to submit a life certificate once a year. Its purpose is to know that the bank is aware that the account holder is alive. Life certificate is considered to be the survival of the pensioner. If the pensioner does not submit his life certificate on the prescribed time, his pension will be stopped from the Treasury. Under this, State Bank of India has asked its pensioners to submit their life certificate by November 30.

How can I submit these certificates

Life Certificate is deposited in the bank related to Pension. According to the information issued by State Bank of India, the pensioner can go to any branch and submit his / her Life Certificate. If the pensioner is unable to walk, he can authorize a person and submit his life certificate. Apart from this, you can also submit your Life Certificate in digital form through Aadhaar card.

36 lakh accounts with bank

Let us know that State Bank of India is the largest government bank in the country. According to the bank's website, till 2017, State Bank of India had about 36 lakh pension accounts.

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