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ICC World Cup 2019: Pakistan Fans Target Sania Mirza For The Loss, She Hits Back

ICC World Cup 2019: Pakistan Fans Target Sania Mirza For The Loss, She Hits Back

As always, there comes the shameful news from the social media after the game between and Pakistan team. The wife of Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza, who was an Indian was blamed by a section of fans following Pakistan’s loss in the game against the Indian team.

Ahead of the game, the wife of Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza alongside a few other cricketers of the team have visited the nearest hotel for a dinner. Few of those pictures went viral in social media.

A section of the Pakistan fans targetted Sania Mirza citing that she was helping the Indians by taking the Pakistan cricketers for a night out ahead of the crucial match in the next morning.

Try Better Content Next Time – Sania Mirza

According to the netizens and a viral video online, Shoaib Malik who registered a golden duck during the match was spotted at a sheesha lounge with Sania Mirza and other Pakistani cricketers, in the lead-up to the crucial match. The trolls blamed Sania Mirza for his performance on the field during the match.

Image Credit: Twitter

Meanwhile, Sania Mirza, who was irked with all the ruckus in the social media tweeted saying that it was the picture of the dinner. Further, she asked those people to try new content for their TRP ratings.

”That’s the video you shot without asking us,disrespecting our privacy even though we had a child with us?& got told off for doing so,& u came up with this crap?FYI ‘outing’ was dinner & yes ppl are allowed to eat if they lose a match!Bunch of fools!Try better content nxt time,” her tweet read.

Apart from that, the Netizens also blames Sania Mirza for the poor form of Shoaib Malik in the tournament. Adding concerns, he was dismissed for a golden duck in the match against India when the edge disturbed his stumps off Hardik Pandya bowling.

Here are a few tweets:

Sania Mirza’s Reply:

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At this stage, beating India by Pakistan may be possible only in their dream.... india have the record breaker cricketers ...

4 Months ago


Really why are they ranting over this match,blaming others. What about their performance in other matches?They r on the verge of being out of the world cup. So don't blame others and shoulder the responsibility .

4 Months ago

TEJ PAL Gulati

Paki fools if that dinner happened in London at 2 am, how did they get back to Manchester for an 11 am start? Who needs Mirza ? If Pakis were beaten due to her party, then this party has been going on for years. Mirza shd go to live there permanently, Malik needs her more than us Indians. Great to see so called Paki Jija getting out for a Golden Duck. Better content--U R a Brat doesn't mean U R right Mirza so take d blame where it's due👎😱

4 Months ago

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