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IAS Exam: Which part of our body doesn't sweat?

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IAS Exam: Which part of our body doesn't sweat?
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Q: Williamnagar, the headquarter-complex of which district of Meghalaya, was christened after Captain Williamson Sangma, the founding Chief Minister of the State of Meghalaya?

Ans: East Garo Hills

Q: Near to this town is the Eaglesnest Wildlife Sanctuary. Part of the West Kameng district, the Tawang gompa is a part of this town inhabitated by a few tribes including the Monpas Name the town?

Ans: Bomdilla

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Q: He did the country proud by winning the gold in the 800-metre event at the 1966 Bangkok Asian Games. He was the first Arjuna Award winner from the region. Name the athlete?

Ans: Bhogeshwar Baruah

Q: Where are a large number of species are found within a small unit of area?

Ans: Wet evergreen equatorial forests

Q: Krishnadeva Raya wrote a famous work, namely Amuktamalyada, in which language?

Ans: Telugu

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Question: Which part of our body doesn't sweat?

Answer: The only parts of the body that don’t sweat are the eardrums, the margins of the lips and the nail bed.

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