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I will tell your phone number without asking you, try it out

Hello friends, welcome to our channel. Today we are going to tell you such a trick. Whoever and can easily do it. In this view you will find a small minded thing. But it is quite easy to trick and you can easily find your number. You just have to reduce adding a little bit. So let's know about it.

I will tell your phone number without asking you, try it out
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Take this as an example

First three digits - 321

Latter 3 digits - 654

Last four digits - 7890

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First, write your phone number on a book.

Now write three numbers before the mobile number.

After that, multiply these numbers by 40, and whatever number has to come, multiply it by twenty-five.

Now add three digits after the phone number and multiply it by fifty.

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After that, now you have to add 1 and multiply it by four hundred.

Now you add the last four digits, add the last four digits to the number that comes in.

After this, the number which came in, divide it from two, after dividing it from 2, then reduce it to two hundred.

You will now see that your mobile number has arrived.

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Please tell us if you found your number. You can also comment your phone number down.

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'First write down your mobile number' then add 1 and then subtract 1. See there is your number ;)

8 Months ago


who give you these nonsense ideas

8 Months ago

Dinesh Pele

Author came from HELL....asking us to check our own mobile number.... can we check our mobile IMEI number in this way...???????😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂

8 Months ago

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