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"I Think your Mother does a lot of sessions in the Car..." - Rakul Preet explains Why she spoke so vulgar

Recently one of the fans commented dirty on Rakul Preet that she forgot to wear pants after having 'Sessions in the Car' and Rakul replied that the fan's mother would have such sessions and shocked everyone. You can check her tweet replies below,

The actress who is busy in promoting her new movie recently faced media and she was questioned about her vulgar tweets.
The actress who tried to evade the question finally opened on why she tweeted in such a vulgar manner and why she lost her cool.

Rakul Preet said, ""It was a random comment and things were so bad that I had to break down and give him back. How can one guy speak so vulgar on a public domain? It was not Rakul Preet the actress but just a woman standing for what she felt was right."

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This actress verbally attack another woman, shows how good she feel about other lady

3 Months ago

tom delong

soon due to women empowerment we will get to see a lot more barely covered gals in the near future. LOL.

3 Months ago


gender equality ke naam pe kuch bhi...should have some decency

3 Months ago

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