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How many crores is the government spending to welcome Trump?

How many crores is the government spending to welcome Trump?
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US President Donald Trump. Coming to India on 24 February. Government of India is preparing for their reception. Trump is coming to India for the first time. Will be here for two days. He has a program in Ahmedabad. There is also talk of going to Agra. There is no shortage in their reception, so money is being spent openly. The entire government machinery is mobilized to make his tour grand. In Ahmedabad and Agra work is being done on every single thing falling in the path of the trump.

In Ahmedabad, the wall has been erected due to Trump not seeing a slum on the way. The entire city is being dyed. In Agra, the American President does not smell the dirty water of Yamuna, so fresh water is being released in the river. A question is arising as to how much money is being spent on Trump's tour.

100-110 crores will be spent

US President Trump will come to Ahmedabad on 24 February. They will stay in Ahmedabad for about three hours. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is spending around 100 to 110 crores to welcome the Trump. The Reuters report states that this amount is 1.5 percent of the annual budget of the Gujarat Home Ministry. The expenditure includes Rs 30 crore for widening of the roads leading to the Motera Stadium and repairing the infrastructure. Along with this, four-four crore rupees will be spent on planting trees and road shows on the dividers.

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Posters in Ahmedabad welcoming Trump.

Put 6 crores on beauty

Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Mehra told Reuters that about 20 roads have been worked to go from the airport to Motera Stadium. This includes widening the roads and rebuilding them. It will cost 6 crores to make the city of Ahmedabad beautiful. A wall built to hide the slum from these funds is also included. Many paintings have been made in the city and posters of 'Namaste Trump' have been put in place.

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A lot has been spent on beauty in Ahmedabad before the arrival of Trump.

12 thousand policemen will do security

During the trip of the trump in Ahmedabad, 12 thousand police personnel will be deployed for security. Also, surveillance will be done by helicopter. During the arrival of the trump, Karim Ahmedabad Airport will be closed for three hours. Meaning neither a flight will come and go.

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Photograph outside Motera Stadium.

700 crore stadium and one lakh people

Trump and PM Modi will go to Motera roadshow from the airport. During this time, people will stand on both sides of the road to welcome them. NSG commandos and American snipers will be stationed at the buildings during the roadshow. Crores of rupees will also be spent on the program at Motera Stadium. About 700 crore rupees have been spent on the construction of this stadium. It will be the largest stadium in the world. Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will jointly inaugurate this stadium. During this time around one lakh people will be present in the stadium.

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Trump will also go to see the Taj. In such a situation, water has been released in Yamuna river.

Water left to remove odor

Trump will go to Agra from Ahmedabad. Here he will see the Taj Mahal. Here too the administration is fully involved in his reception. There will be 5000 police personnel to protect the trump. The shops are being painted in one color. Roads are being repaired. Arrangements have also been made to remove the smell of dirty water of Yamuna.

For this, 500 cusecs of water has been released from Ganganhar in Bulandshahr. Meaning about 14 thousand liters of water will come to the Yamuna at the speed of per second. Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department said that the department is trying to keep the quantity of water in Yamuna constant till February 24. This water will reach Mathura in the next three days. And will reach Agra by the afternoon of 21 February.

Agri economist Vijay Sardana said that if 500 cusecs of water is left for 24 hours, then the water of Yamuna will be affected. Nine quintals of wheat can be produced with this much water. Also five quintals of rice or 10 quintals of maize can be produced.

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