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History’s most gruesome invention part 3

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The brazen bull

History’s most gruesome invention part 3
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One of the most brutal methods of execution ever created took the form of a hollow bull statue. Invented in ancient Greece by Perillus, a bronze worker in Athens, it was given as a gift to a cruel tyrant named Phalaris of Agrigentum. As well as roasting criminals alive, the device also doubled as a musical instrument, converting the victim’s desperate cries into what Perillus described as “the tenderest, most pathetic, most melodious of bellowings”.

Distrustful of the inventor’s claims, Phalaris ordered Perillus to climb inside and prove the device’s musical capabilities himself. However, as soon as he was inside, Phalaris shut the door and lit a fire beneath, causing Perillus to scream for real. However, rather then letting him die at the hands of his own creation, Phalaris had him removed and thrown off a cliff instead.

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Black Panther

Rapists should be killed like this

8 Months ago


'As you sow,so you reap', this goes fr anyone trying to do bad fr others but ends up causing bad to self.

7 Months ago

catheryn beiho

rapist of small girl should be punish and kill like this

6 Months ago

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