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Historical facts about Shani Dev

When Shani Dev wanted to influence the areas outside his authority, his father, Lord Surya, went to Lord Shiva and said to stop him from the God of penance. A fight then started. Everyone from Virbhadra to Nandi was scared by Shani. At this point Shiva himself joined the battle and killed Shani with his trident. The sun prayed for mercy and Shani was restored again. Shani became a devotee of Shiva and vowed to remain neutral for all.

Historical facts about Shani Dev
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Once Shani went to Baikuntha thinking that he had the right to influence the supreme lord. Vishnu smiled and said that he is busy that day. Shani did not see the trick and was ready to come back happily and asked when would be a good time. Vishnu said, 'tomorrow'. He wrote on a wall 'Kal'. After this, whenever Shani came back, the Lord would show him the story written on the wall and said, Come tomorrow. In this way Shani became a devotee of Lord Vishnu.

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Once Saturn climbed on the shoulders of Lord Hanuman and brought him under his influence. Hanuman extended his shape until his shoulders touched heaven and started pressing Shani in the middle. Shani Devta apologized. Hanuman also saved him from the clutches of Ravana. Therefore, Shani never damages the devotee of Hanuman.

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Thus, to avoid the ill effects of Shani , people pray to Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

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