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Hero launches electric bicycle in the Indian market

If you want to ride a bike, you can start it with a new e-cycle. Two wheeler company Hero has launched its electric bicycle in the Indian market under its Avior series. Hero Cycles has similar Launch cycle which will prove to be very useful for the future.

Hero launches electric bicycle in the Indian market
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Hero Company has introduced two new bicycles in the Indian market. Although you will find the price of these bicycles a bit higher, but you may be the first person to buy this bicycle. The price of these e-bicycles has been fixed at Rs 18,990 and Rs 19,290. You can also buy these bicycles from Amazon online.

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The biggest feature of these bicycles is that the cycle runs from the battery and the electric paddles have been installed. If you are tired of walking and cycling, there is no need to worry because its electric pedal will work. Hero's cycle runs four hours in full charge, after which it runs 55 kilometres. The cycle has an electric meter of 250 watts, while the cycle is equipped with bluetooth and GPS. Apart from this, the top speed of this cycle is 25 kilometers per hour, so who wants to buy the cone cone from this and what according to you the price of these bicycles should be. You can reach us by commenting on your answers.

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I think every class must afford it, so it must be between 5-10 thousands rupees. Because being eco friendly is good.

4 Months ago


nice but it has a high price i think

4 Months ago


Smoke free in India health full human body

2 Months ago

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