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Here are 7 duplicates of India's 7 celebrities, no. 5 can shock you

1. Baba Ramdev

Here are 7 duplicates of India's 7 celebrities, no. 5 can shock you
Third party image reference

One of our yoga gurus Baba Ramdev Ji has come in front of us. He looks like Baba Ramdev's brother

22.Virat Kohli

Third party image reference

This is not the old picture of Virat, but it is a copy of the Viraat. So you too will be surprised at this. Their picture is more viral than social media.

3. Ajay Devgan

Third party image reference

Bollywood's Singham Ajay Devgan's duplicate is in front of us today. It looks as though it is Ajay Devgn's twin brother.

4. Salman Khan

Third party image reference

The pictures of this boy who look like everyone's favorite Sallu brothers are very viral. His look is exactly like Salman Khan. From above, he made the body like Salman Khan.

5. Ranbir Kapoor

Third party image reference

Look at this picture carefully, in this picture, this boy looks exactly like Ranbir Kapoor. Smile and same body at the same time. Looks like his brother, but he is not.

6. Narendra Modi

Third party image reference

This person who looks like the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in front of you. On seeing from a distance, you will not be able to tell whether it is real Modi or Amashakal.

7. Abdul Kalam

Third party image reference

Today, we are very successful in the life of Abdul Kalam, India's most favorite polytheist, scientist and a good person. Their style is exactly like Kalam.

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baba ram dev its his original pic [JoyfulTears]

6 Months ago


bhai accha edit Kiya hai

6 Months ago


virat kohli's duplicate does not look like him at all

6 Months ago

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