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Heart attack - the 2p winter-warmer breakfast to avoid deadly heart disease

HEART attack risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes. You could help to prevent a deadly myocardial infarction and heart disease by eating this breakfast every day, it’s been revealed.

Heart attacks are a serious medical emergency and require immediate treatment, according to the NHS.

The condition, which is also known as a myocardial infarction, is caused by a lack of blood reaching the heart.

Without enough blood, the heart may become seriously damaged, and it could even be life-threatening.

You could lower your risk of a deadly heart attack by eating more porridge, it’s been revealed.

A bowl of porridge could lower your chances of developing a heart attack as it helps to reduce cholesterol, said charity Heart UK.

It contains beta glucan, a type of fibre that binds to cholesterol in the intestines.

High levels of cholesterol in arteries raises the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

“There are several foods which are not just part of a healthy diet, they actively help to lower your cholesterol too,” said the charity.

“The more you add to your diet, the more they will lower your cholesterol, especially if you cut down on saturated fat as well.

“Oats and barley are grains which are rich in a type of fibre called beta glucan – which can help you to lower your cholesterol.

Heart attack - the 2p winter-warmer breakfast to avoid deadly heart disease
Heart attack diet: Prevent symptoms and heart disease by eating more porridge (Image: GETTY Images)

“Oats and other whole grains can keep you feeling full so you’re not tempted to snack.

“They’re low in fat too, so they’re perfect as part of a healthy diet.”

Everyone should aim to eat between two and four portions of oat-based products or barley every day, said Heart UK.

A single bowl of porridge - around 30g of dry oats - counts as one of your portions.

Alternatively, eat two tablespoons of oat bran, three oatcakes, or 20g of uncooked pearl barley, for one of your daily servings.

Heart attack diet: Speak to a doctor if you're worried about signs of a heart attack (Image: GETTY Images)

A heart attack is a symptom of coronary heart disease - one of the largest causes of death in the UK and across the world.

Heart disease is caused by the heart’s blood supply becoming booked by a build-up of fatty substances.

You could also lower your risk of heart disease and a myocardial infarction by giving up smoking, if you’re a smoker.

If you’re obese or overweight, losing a few pounds will help to prevent heart disease, the NHS said.

The more weight you carry, the harder your heart has to work to pump blood around the body.

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