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Have you seen this walking fish? Most weird animal you can't imagine that exists

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Hey friends hope you all are doing fine in your awesome lives. Today we are going to start a new thread that is basically related to enhance geographical knowledge of our readers and this is our first post in the series.

Have you seen this walking fish? Most weird animal you can't imagine that exists
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Have you ever seen a walking fish? You didn't think such animal would ever exists? but they do beyond your imagination and in reality. Doesn't this fish look like a Pokemon? But actually it is a small salamander that are found in various lakes around Mexico City. Known as Axolotle, it is listed as endangered species and even around in 2010 it literally went almost extinct due to human intervention ecological atmosphere, deforestation global warming and changing climate.

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Most of the aquatic salamanders can change their form and become from aquatic species to species which can live on land. But an axolotl remains aquatic even as adults and for the whole life. It walks in water and it can grow most of it's body parts again like some lizards. But it can regenerate it's limbs as well and even it's internal critical organs such as brain.

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It is also a subject of research as it can accept almost all body organs as transplants from other species. They accept the alien body parts in full functionality and live with that for the whole healthy life. Strangely they can also repair a damaged limb and can regenerate another as well as another new one. So it can have extra limbs with full functionality.

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They have lidless eyes and with their wide face they resembles like a human baby mutated as an aquatic species. They are most popular as pets due it theirs weird and strange capabilities. But we must remember that they are on the verge of extinction. Although they have still have strange unknown capabilities which are subject to scientific experiments around the globe.

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So friends do you find this salamander or simply put, fish strange? Did you know about it earlier? don't forget to tell us in the comments your views about this small strange creature.

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