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Funniest Memes On School Teachers That You Should Definitely See !

Funniest Memes On School Teachers That You Should Definitely See !
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When I was very young teachers never asked me to stand outside but later they regularly made me stand outside. I became so much usual that later on it never affected me. I was proud of myself. Well, most of the times my Arts teacher made me stand outside because I never brought my Arts notebook in the school. But I was so proud because I was not alone. Many boys never brought their Arts notebook and we enjoyed outside the class. Sometimes, when our Principal madam was on round then we were scolded badly but that was twice or thrice in a year. Even later, even this never affected us.

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That is the worst thing that can happen to us. No one of us liked it. Even you would never like it. The whole government is taking steps to make Sports a compulsory subject so that students would remain fit. But tell this to teachers who are extra hardworking. They like to irritate students for their bright future. Well, I should not say this but I don't think they are making our future bright. Many students may not do something significant because of their subject. Getting marks is totally different matter and becoming successful is different matter.

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Hahaha ! well, most of the times I was the one who argued with the teacher. It is because I was someone who understood marks are not everything. I was not very interested I getting marks but I was interested in gaining knowledge. But others were crying for marks. They feared that teachers would deduct their marks. But the result was totally opposite of their thinking. Teachers deducted their marks but not mine. Because I argued in different topics which were being taught.

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I don't remember how many teachers have said this to me. Well, I tried to know that why teachers say such things. Well, teachers say such things because they want to prove to students that they can do much more than what they are doing. They want to show to children that they tremendous capacity but they are not using it.

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