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Friends streaming: How to stream and watch season 1-10 on Netflix

FRIENDS fans couldn’t believe their luck when the classic sitcom began streaming on Netflix this month. Here’s how to watch Friends on Netflix.

Possibly the most well-known comedy series of the 90s, Friends has been added to Netflix, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

The beloved sitcom was a widespread favourite for the best part of a decade, and fans and even the cast and crew themselves were devastated when it ended in 2004.

Even though the final episode aired 13 years ago, the series’ popularity in the UK never ceased and it still remains incredibly popular to this day.

Now Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe are there at just the click of a button for the ultimate in comfort viewing and nostalgic binge watching.

Netflix announced the news on Twitter with a tweet saying: “The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add,” - humorously referencing the titles of the episodes.

This is big news for the streaming giant, as its competitor Amazon Prime Video, holds the rights to two other beloved 90s sitcoms, Seinfeld and Fraser.

The ubiquitous series racked up a whopping 236 episodes during its run and every single one of them is now on Netflix UK.

The show is known for launching the careers of its eponymous characters who all became household names during their time on Friends.

Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry and their onscreen counterparts kept fans hooked on their hilarious storylines and iconic characterisations for years.

Now, fans can relive some of the show’s best moments, quotes and celebrity cameos all over again.

Friends streaming: How to stream and watch season 1-10 on Netflix
Friends still remains incredibly popular

Series one to 10 of Friends are currently available to watch on the streaming giant.

That’s 10 whole seasons, each containing 24 or 25 episodes.

Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey and Pheobe

Some of the best episodes to start watching straight away include:

Friends fans can re-watch all their favourite episodes on Netflix

Or you could just start at episode one…

All seasons of Friends are currently streaming on Netflix

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