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Former Principal of University College Slams the Current Principal

Former Principal of University College Slams the Current Principal

Following the incident of Akhil, a student of University college being stabbed by SFI leaders, there is a mass outcry in the public to put an end to the autocratic activities of SFI. Fans and sympathizers of SFI have resorted to the defense that it is an isolated incident of a few poor SFI leaders, but former Principal of University College, Molly Mercilyn said not just the SFI activists, but even the teachers are equally blameworthy.

The former principal while taking part in a news discussion in a Malayalam news channel revealed how the current Principal is allegedly supporting the corrupted SFI leaders.

University College has always been different from other colleges. The action must be taken against the Principal too. If some crime takes place, the culprits are the first to flee the scene. But the plight of university college is different. The principal protects the culprits and then the principal claims he had no idea about the issue”.

She also criticized a teacher who spoke at length about the support offered by the union to take the class.

I heard one teacher saying that the union gives great support to take the class. How shameful! What support does a teacher need from the union to take the class”?

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