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Follow these remedies for preventing vomiting during the journey

Every person has a lot of interest in travelling. But often the vomiting, nervousness, dizziness during the journey spoil the fun of travel. Nervousness or vomiting when sitting in a car or bus is called a 'motion sickness'.

Follow these remedies for preventing vomiting during the journey
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If you get vomiting during a trip to the car or bus, there are dizziness or nervousness, never sit on the back seat. Motion sickness is the highest for those who sit on the back seat. Because of this, people do not enjoy the journey. If you have the problem of motion sickness then avoid looking outside from running car, bus or train.

Take one teaspoon of ginger juice and 1 teaspoon onion juice half an hour before going on a trip to avoid vomiting in the journey. This will not cause vomiting during your journey. But if the journey is long, then you can keep the juice with you.

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It will also be beneficial for you to eat cold juices or juicy fruits during the journey by bus or car. As the use of juices or juicy fruits does not allow heat in the stomach and you will not vomit during the journey.

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take avomin tablet and sleep peacefully u will not have vomiting.

3 Months ago


excellent remedies...

3 Months ago

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