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Female American basketball coach had sex with student after Instagram like, arrested

A female American school basketball coach Ann Kuroki had sex with an underage student after flirting with him on Instagram. The duo started off with messages on Instagram before things became out of control as the two developed likings for each other. Kuroki was working at the Gooding High School in Idaho City, US.

Female American basketball coach had sex with student after Instagram like, arrested

A female high school basketball coach in the US was arrested by police for having an illicit relationship with an underage male student. The 26-year-old former player had sex with a boy aged 16 or 17 after he liked her Instagram photo which gave rise to a blooming relationship between the two. Ann Kuroki became friends with the minor boy after he asked her for some help in an examination related to the sport. She was charged under the US Law for sexual misconduct with a minor.

Kuroki, who was working at Gooding High School in Idaho City was fired from her job after the arrest. The Gooding Police department after investigating the case confirmed that the coach herself visited the boy's home and told his mother about the relationship which was underway since last few months. On being questioned by the police, Kuroki revealed she started talking to the victim over the summer when she received 'flirty messages' from him on Instagram. The relationship went from professional to personal over a period of time when she started helping him out with senior papers, she told the police.

Detailing about how the relationship grew further, Kuroki said, one day after getting drunk heavily at a bar she messaged the boy on Instagram and asked him to pick her up as she was not in a condition of moving alone and that night things got 'cosy' between them. Initially, the woman denied allegations that she had sex with the boy but later confessed that she was physically involved with him at least six times over the course of their relationship.
Rumours began to circulate in school about the duo and it was in December 2017 that the school management decided to question Kuroki on the matter but she denied the allegations then. She later went to see the boy's mother and confessed, her revelations were recorded by the mother and sent to police which led to the basketball coach's arrest.

According to Idaho state law, sexual battery of a minor child 16 or 17 years of age is a felony “for any person at least five (years of age older than a minor child who is sixteen or seventeen years of age, who, with the intent of arousing, appealing to or gratifying the lust, passion, or sexual desires of such person, minor child, or third party,” is a serious offence. A South Virginia college alumni, Kuroki was hired by the school to be the boys basketball coach in October 2017.


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it says that she started talking to the victim over the summer......but the last line says that she was hired in October 2017.....and as far as I know there hasn't been any summer till now from October 2017........fake post

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Please implement strict laws against women too in India!!!!

10 Months ago


RGV ko pata chala to isse v sign kara lega

10 Months ago

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